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Official Launch of the NASD Enterprise Portal

Culled—Proshare April 20, 2018/NASD Plc  This week, NASD Plc. formally launched the NASD Enterprise Portal (NASDeP). The launch was well attended by key stakeholders from the Federal Government, Economy, Business… Read more »

FGN Lists First Sovereign Sukuk on FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange

April 10, 2018/FMDQ OTC In acknowledging the crucial role infrastructure plays in enabling sustainable development and enhancing quality of life and business activities, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) through… Read more »

NASD USI Gains 0.15% WoW

Culled—Proshare March 29, 2018/NASD Plc Q1 2018  Review: Growth in Value & Volume of Securities Trade … as CSCS Plc leads transactions by Value & Volume! NASD is pleased to… Read more »

FMDQ Admits the N3.15 Billion Lapo MFB SPV Plc Bond

March 27, 2018/FMDQ OTC Corporate institutions have continued to successfully tap the Nigerian debt capital markets (DCM) to access stable long-term finance to fund key activities that ultimately translate to… Read more »

NASD USI Gains 0.23% WoW

Culled—Proshare March 23, 2018/NASD Plc Taking the Capital Market Upstream! In continuing our efforts to deepen the reach and impact of the capital market in the “real”economy, NASD sponsored an Investment… Read more »

NASD USI Loses 0.29% ;Volume of Shares traded increase 300% wow

Culled—Proshare March 16, 2018/NASD Plc The NASD OTC Market ends the week in red, as the NASD USI decreased by  0.29%, closing at 661.30 points (as against 663.22 points last Friday). Consequently, total market capitalisation shed 0.29% this… Read more »

NASD USI Sheds -1.67% WoW

Culled—Proshare March 9, 2018/NASD Plc  The NASD OTC Market ends the week in red, as the NASD USI decreased by 1.67%, closing at 663.22 points (as against 674.45 points last Friday). Consequently, total market capitalisation shed 1.67% this week,… Read more »

Viathan Funding List Series 1 N10.00 Billion 16.00% 10-year Bond

March 6, 2018/FMDQ OTC Infrastructure development in the nation is taking progressive steps in the right direction, as another corporate, Viathan Funding PLC, taps the debt capital markets (DCM) for… Read more »

Where is NASD in the ERGP?

Culled—Proshare March 2, 2018/NASD Plc  A year ago, the Federal Government of Nigeria needed a plan. The price of the product that generated the bulk of the country’s foreign exchange… Read more »

NASD OTC Market Sustains Positive Momentum; USI Up by 3.70% WoW

Culled—Proshare 16/2/2018/NASD Plc   Shares of UBN Property Company Plc have been approved to trade on the OTC Market. The security was introduced by Equity Capital Solutions Limited by way of Security Admission…. Read more »