Fidelity Bank Resumes International Transactions on Visa Credit, Debit Cards

By InvestAdvocate

Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-Fidelity Bank Plc on Monday said it has resumed its international transactions on its Visa Credit and Debits Cards, according to an email notice to its customers.

The Bank said the removal which came into effect July 5, 2017 was in response to the needs of customers and the slight ease in sourcing foreign exchange.

According to Fidelity Bank, the Visa Naira Debit cards on PoS and web only has a monthly limit of $200 only. While, the Visa Naira Credit cards will be on ATM, PoS and web has a monthly limit of $1000 only.

“We advise that you always request to be billed in the currency of the country where the purchase is made; especially for PoS payments. This will prevent the billing of additional transaction charges,” the Bank sai