Intraday Update: NSEASI in Green, as Investors Take Advantage of Sell-Offs in Banking Tickers

August 18, 2017/InvestmentOne Research

ASI as at 12.00pm: +0.49%

Market movers: DIAMONDBNK (+4.35%), ZENITHBANK (+4.30%), JAIZBANK (-4.11%), NB (-1.60%)

Sector Performances: Banking (+2.70%), Oil & Gas (+0.10%), Consumer (-0.69%), Industrial

Market activity: Activity levels have surged so far today with investors exchanging 66m units of shares worth N1.37bn. ZENITHBANK is the most actively traded stock with c.30m units of shares accounting for 45% of total volume.

Likely close: The NSEASI looks likely to close positive today as investors take advantage of the recent sell-off in the Banking sector.