Total Active Voice Subscriptions Down 8.73% in Q3’17-NBS

January 12, 2018/NBS

– Total Active Voice Subscriptions and Total Active Internet Subscriptions in 2017 Q3 were recorded 139,907,213 and 93,263,436 respectively.

– Total Active Voice Subscriptions fell by 8.73% from 2016 Q3 and by 2.21% from 2017 Q2.

– Total Active Internet Subscriptions increased by 1.22 from 2016 Q3 and declined by 0.55% from 2017 Q2

– Both voice and internet communication subscriptions in 2017 Q3 were dominated by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

– By the end of 2017 Q3, Southwestern and Northcentral states recorded higher than average number of voice and internet subscriptions than other states in Nigeria in general.

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