NASD OTC Securities Exchange Unlisted Shares Continues to Rise; Up 20% YTD


September 21, 2018/NASD Plc

The Official index of the NASD OTC Securities Exchange tagged the Unlisted Shares Index [USI] has continued a steady recovery that started at the beginning of 2018.  As at close of trade on 21 September 2018, market capitalisation was ₦482.40 billion – 20% higher than when market opened in January at ₦402.51 billion.

In line with this steady growth, the USI for the week ending 21/9/2018 recorded a 2.10% increase from 698.16 to 712.84 points. Considering the remarkable steady growth experienced in 2018, the USI is most likely on track to surpass last year’s Q3 comparative growth.

Trade Summary 

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Market in Numbers (Year-to-Date)

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Macroeconomic Indicators 

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