APO Group reports non-payment by cryptocurrency manufacturing company Watts Miners Inc.


October 11, 2018/APO Group

APO Group (https://www.APO-opa.com/) hereby notifies the public of the multiple reports of potentially fraudulent activities of the cryptocurrency manufacturing company known as Watts Miners Inc. (WMI) (www.WMiners.com), which has come to its knowledge. This report also comes on the heels of WMI’s willful default of the payment terms under an Agreement between WMI and APO Group whereby APO Group distributed several press releases on behalf of WMI and in respect of which a payment of USD 14,995 became due on 14 August 2018.

Despite several communication sent to Watts Miners CEO David Anderson, and Chief Financial Officer Nancy Lopez, requesting payment of services rendered, this payment has not been received.

Watts Miners introduced itself has “a manufacturer of high-quality cryptocurrency miners that deliver extremely high hash power without consuming a lot of energy”.

The revenue generation of APO Group businesses remains unaffected by today’s announcement.

Download Watts Miners logo: https://bit.ly/2DEijry

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