Intraday Update: NSEASI Down – -0.12%. on Sell-offs in Consumer Names

October 15, 2018/InvestmentOne Update

ASI as at 12.00pm: -0.12%.  

Market movers: UNILEVER (-5.29%), JAPAULOIL (-4.17%), FIRSTALUM (+9.09%), NPFMCRFBK (+5.81%).          .

Sector Performances: Consumer Goods (-0.48%), Banking (+0.10%), Industrial (+0.01%) and Oil & Gas.

Market activity: In today’s early trade, total volume and value declined by 75% and 46% respectively compared to this time last Friday as investors have exchanged 16million units of shares worth about N435million. GUARANTY (+0.27%) is the most actively traded stock with 5million units of shares accounting for about 31% of total volume. 

Likely close: In the absence of a significant gain in DANGCEM, the market may close down today if the selloff in Consumer names continues.

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