ECONOMY: Credit to Private Sector Up 0.70% as November 2018 PMI Grows Stronger

December 7, 2018/Cowry Asset

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) depository corporations survey, released during the week, showed a 1.73% m-o-m increase in Broad Money to N25.71 trillion in October 2018.

This resulted from a 6.10% m-o-m increase in Net Domestic Assets (NDA) to N16.38 trillion which offset a 0.43% m-o-m decrease in Net Foreign Assets (NFA) to N18.74 trillion.

On domestic asset creation, the increase in NDA resulted from an increase of 2.55% in Net Domestic Credit (NDC) to N26.63 trillion which was accompanied by 2.67% m-o-m fall in Other Liabilities (net) to N10.25 trillion… Kindly click here for details.

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