Oando’s Nigeria at 60 Digital Platform Showcases Indigenous Talent and Instils National Pride

October 2, 2020/Oando Plc

Image Credit: nigeriaat60.oandoplc.com

Oando PLC, Nigeria’s leading indigenous energy solutions provider has partnered with up-and-coming Nigerian SMEs to launch a digital portal in commemoration of Nigeria’s 60th year of independence from British colonial rule and to celebrate her rich cultural heritage. The portal celebrates Nigeria’s history grounded in the belief that it is pertinent to first understand where we have come from to be united in the journey to our desired destination. The portal, designed to be interactive, educative, and to rekindle love for our great nation, explores the country’s history by bringing to light a mix of unsung and well known historical figures, significant milestones in our journey since independence, diverse cultures and tribes as well as the country’s vast talent through art, film, music and literature. According to the COO of Harden & Bron International, Bamen Isenmila, “Nigeria has an important story to tell. There’s a knowledge gap among Nigerians especially the younger generation and that has to change. We see this partnership and campaign as an opportunity to remind ourselves of our beautiful history, our heroes, traditions and cultures and all the unique things that make our nation great.”

The portal features content from partners including Edquest, The Republic Journal, Harden & Bron International, poet, Toby Abiodun and a few budding Nigerian artists including Dudu Emmanuel, Stanley Dudu, Jibrin Judah, Muyiwa Akinwolere, Dara Babalola, to mention a few. “We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Oando shares our passion for promoting Nigeria in a positive light and a desire to help young Nigerians at home and abroad affirm their identities and dismantle narrow, one-sided perceptions of their culture”, Omowunmi Ikazoboh, Co-Founder, Edquest. 

COVID-19 has negatively impacted global activity and the economy, Nigeria is no exception. Those most affected by the economic slump are small and medium scale enterprises, as well as the creative industry. Oando recognises the role that the private sector plays in fuelling the economy, to this end, they have created a platform to showcase indigenous talent and businesses, while educating on Nigerian history and instilling national pride.

The portal gives the opportunity to take a pledge for a better Nigeria hinged on the belief that the country we desire is only achievable if we play an active role in its creation. The portal serves as a call to action for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to channel our resources towards a more progressive future. Visit nigeriaat60.oandoplc.com  

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