“Aura” by Transcorp Hotels Set to Create New Breed of Hospitality Entrepreneurs

July 19, 2021

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By InvestAdvocate

Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-Aura by Transcorp Hotels, is set to create a new breed of Nigerian entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, Ifeoma Okafor-Obi, Director of Business Development at Transcorp Hotels Plc disclosed  this at a zoom media parley with journalists on Monday.

Aura by Transcorp Hotels is a the digital platform that connects people to unique accommodation, great food, and experiences. “Aura an online platform helps people book accommodations, order great foods and everything you need for a reasonable lifestyle, she said.

“It’s not just about finding a place to stay, it’s about living your best life and enjoying access to the best experience at all touch point on this one platform,” she added.

Okafor-Obi says the plan is not online to offer great experiences by way of customers using its online platform to book accommodations, get great food and other good things of life, but to create a new breed of hospitality entrepreneurs. “Aside from being an online platform, we also want this product to enable every member of the society to partake in the hospitality business and earn money, literally, what we want to do is to create a new breed of hospitality entrepreneurs,’ she said.

To achieve this feat, the Director of Business Development at Transcorp Hotels and who is leading the new business through the Aura said that in every home where a couple of rooms are not full utilized, there are opportunities to convert such free space by taking advantage of the home sharing platform, “you can put that part of your home or your full home where you don’t reside on Aura,” Ifeoma-Obi added.

She disclosed that there are so many experiences that can be provided in Aura, “you can become a tour guide, it could be that where you are has a lot of beautiful places and you are passionate about these places and would want to showcase the places, you can become a tour guide and when there are visitors you can take them around,” the Director of Business Development at Transcorp Hotels.

According to her, the platform is open to people with skills like artisans who has the skills in arts and craft , photography and in other areas can be showcased on the platform, which can subsequently generate business.

She affirmed that the vision behind Aura by Transcorp Hotels is to expand domestic tourism, ‘if you think about the hospitality industry, its quite a large industry,’ she said.

Ifeoma-Obi says that countries like South Africa, Dubai and the other places that has worked on their tourism has created a billion dollar business and the Aura’s platform will be used to expand that of Nigeria. “We have so many beautiful places that people are not aware, we have at lease 15 water falls in different parts of the country and other tourists sites,” she noted.

Aura by Transcorp Hotels launched softly in February but has now officially kicked off in major Nigerian cities, with plans to expand throughout the country and other parts of Africa. Through Aura, Transcorp Hotels Plc. seeks to transform the travel and tourism industry in Africa by focusing on three important components of travel – where you stay, what you eat and how you spend your time, while putting memorable experiences at the centre.

Aura allows homeowners, hoteliers, restaurateurs and experience providers to earn income by listing their properties or services on Aura  and its available on Android, iOS and web.

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