Author: InvestAdvocate

Gross Official Reserves Declined by US$614m to US$41.2bn in November 2021

December 8, 2021/Proshare by FBNQuest Research  Today’s chart shows a decline of USD614m (-1.5% m/m) in Nigeria’s gross official reserves to USD41.2bn in November. This decline follows four months of consecutive increases, and it reflects a slowdown in reserve inflows following accretion from the IMF’s USD3.3bnn SDR allocation and the […]

Inflation is Prompting Global Monetary Policy Normalisation

December 8, 2021/Fitch Ratings The scale and longevity of the global inflation shock has taken most forecasters and central banks by surprise and is bringing forward the start of global monetary policy normalisation, says Fitch Ratings in its latest Global Economic Outlook (GEO), published today. A strong recovery in global […]