Author: InvestAdvocate

Why Isn’t Winter Pushing LNG Prices Higher?

November 15, 2019/ Spot LNG prices in Asia-Pacific are hovering around the $6/MMBtu level at a time when seasonal winter demand usually pushes them higher. The reason is not hard to see – excess liquefaction capacity coming on-stream in the US, compounding the build-up of capacity in recent years in […]

Oil Markets Ignore Worrying OPEC Projections

November 15, 2019/ Both OPEC and the IEA released key reports this week, both of which pointed to some major worries for the oil cartel, yet oil markets seem not to have noticed. Friday, November 15th, 2019 It was a big week for oil market data and projections this week, […]

SEC Awards Over $260,000 to Whistleblowers for Their Help in Spotting Securities Fraud

November 15, 2019/US SEC The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced an award to three individuals who jointly submitted a tip alerting the agency to a well-concealed fraud targeting retail investors.  The information led to a successful enforcement action.  The whistleblowers, who were themselves harmed investors, will collectively receive a […]