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The DMO Unveils Q1 2021 Borrowing Plans, Re-Introduces FGN 2027s Bond Paper

January 15, 2021/Proshare By Zedcrest Capital FGN Bonds The FGN Bonds market traded with mixed sentiments today, with some demand seen on the mid-end of the curve (2027s -2029s) while the long end of the curve remained firmly bearish. Notably, the 2049s bond broke the 9.00% resistance during the trading […]

Safeguard yourself from falling victim to online trading scams

Many would-be traders are concerned about the security and safety of personal funds and data, and are therefore hesitant to start trading January 15, 2021/INFINOX Capital “The rise of the digital age has resulted in an information overload and often a lot of this information is made up of unqualified […]

SSA’s long and painful road to recovery

January 15, 2021/United Capital Report In our 2021 outlook report, we stated that the outlook for SSA economies was largely dependent on the pandemic. Recent data of Covid-19 caseloads across the region has seen a spike in the number of cases in what has been confirmed as the second wave. […]