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7 Things You Need to Know About SDR Allocations

April 12, 2021/IMF Let’s start from the beginning – What is an SDR? Is it money? Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are an asset, though not money in the classic sense because they can’t be used to buy things. The value of an SDR is based on a basket of the […]

Telecoming and Evina sign a global alliance to enhance security in DCB payments

Technology companies join forces in the fight against cyber fraud April 12, 2021/Telecoming Direct carrier billing (DCB) is the safest and most suitable payment technology for the new mobile economy; the two companies announced the launch of DCB Index to measure industry maturity in different regions. European technology companies Evina […]

Driving Digital Inclusion to Promote Global Equality

One organisation that is committed to driving digital inclusion in Africa and globally is media and telecommunications software and services provider, Amdocs April 8, 2021/Amdocs Covid-19 has accelerated the rate of digital technology adoption around the world, but also revealed the depth of the digital divide worldwide. For millions of […]