Results & Dividends

Carbon releases its 2019 financial results

Carbon began operations in 2012 and within the space of six years, it grew revenue steadily, reaching an all-time high of $17.5mm in full-year 2019 June 30, 2020/Carbon Nigeria’s leading digital financial services company, Carbon (, has released it’s 2019 financial statements audited by KPMG, detailing its product growth and […]

May and Baker Records Net Profit Growth Of 109% In FY 2019

Culled—Proshare June 15, 2020 May & Baker   May & Baker Nigeria Plc. grew her net profit by 109% in 2019 business year from N342.7 million in 2018 to N716.4 million in 2019. Following this sterling performance, the shareholders at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held by proxy last week […]

Presco Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 Results Review: Outperformed Rating Maintained

Culled—Proshare June 11, 2020 By FBNQuest Research Mild cuts to our EPS forecasts over the 2020-21E period Presco’s Q1 2020 earnings fell -16% y/y to N1.8bn, driven by a mild decline in sales and a -146bp y/y contraction in gross margin to 78.1%. Q1 earnings missed our forecast by around […]