Results & Dividends

Guinness Nigeria 2014 Post Tax Profit Declines 19%

By Yakubu LAAH InvestAdvocate Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-Beer maker, Guinness Nigeria Plc on Monday said its post tax profit declined 19 percent from N11.863 billion in 2013 to N9.573 billion in the 2014 audited year end, according to a filing by the brewer to the Nigerian Stock exchange (NSE). Similarly, pretax profit […]

Guinness Nigeria Post Tax Profit Decline 19% in 2014 End

By InvestAdvocate Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-Brewing firm, Guinness Nigeria Plc on Friday reported a decline in its post tax profit of 19 percent to N9.573 billion from N11.863 billion in its year 2014 audited year ended June 30. According to a filling to the Nigerian Stock exchange (NSE). Similarly, the brewer recorded […]

Guinness Nigeria Dividend Drops 54.28%, Proposes N3.20 Kobo

By InvestAdvocate Lagos (INVESTADVOCATE)-Nigerian brewer Guinness Nigeria Plc on Friday declared a dividend of N3.20 kobo per share to investors of the company in its 2014 audited year end, the company said in its corporate action to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). The N3.20 kobo proposed dividend payout to shareholders […]