Money Market

Cryptocurrency: 60% of Central Banks under Pressure to Create Digital Money

February 23, 2021/FICAN Following the sudden rise in value and acceptability of Cryptocurrencies and the search by investors for alternative places to put their money, 60 per cent of Central Banks across the globe are under pressure to issue sovereign digital currency. An Economist and Chief Executive Officer, Global Analystics […]

Bank of Ghana Issues Policy on Crowdfunding

February 19, 2021/Bank of Ghana On Thursday, 4th February 2021, the Bank of Ghana issued a policy to promote and guide the development and use of crowdfunding products and services for the banking sector. This is in line with the Bank’s commitment to promote the modernisation of the banking industry, […]

CBN Releases H1 2020 Year Activity Report

February 18, 2021/CBN The 2020 Financial Markets Half-Year Activity Report is a presentation of activities undertaken by the Department to implement the Bank’s monetary policy measures. It details the span of activities in the money, fixed income and foreign exchange markets to support the policies of the Bank. The Report […]