Capital Market

Nigerian Stock Exchange Inaugurates Its Claims Review Panel

January 8, 2021/NSE In preparation for its imminent demutualisation, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (“The Exchange”) inaugurated its Claims Review Panel (the Panel) on 21 December 2020, pursuant to the provisions of the Demutualisation of The Nigerian Stock Exchange Act 2018 (the “Act”). The Panel serves as an independent alternative dispute […]

Demutualisation: NSE Announces Chief Executives for Emerging Entities

January 6, 2020/NSE The National Council of The Nigerian Stock Exchange is pleased to announce that the following Chief Executives will head its operating and non-operating companies upon the completion of its ongoing demutualisation: Entity Designation Name Nigerian Exchange Group Plc Group Chief Executive Officer Oscar N. Onyema, OON Nigerian […]

Together, We Continue to Innovatively Beat the Odds-Jalo Waziri

January 5, 2021/CSCS What a year! A year like no other – 2020 was definitively historic and unprecedented. It defied science, challenged rationality, and confronted social norms. COVID-19 shook the world powers, tipped many economies – including our dear Nigeria – into the worst recession in decades, shattered social engagements […]