Investors Bite

MIDDAY UPDATE: Stocks Gain +0.06% Driven by Banking Sector

March 22, 2023/InvestmentOne Update ASI as at 12.00pm: +0.06% Market Mover: ZENITHBANK (+1.39%) Top Gainers and Losers: FIDELITYBK (+3.27%), LASACO (+2.04%), NCR (-9.69%) and JAPAULGOLD (-6.67%). Sector Performances: Banking (+0.85%), Consumer Goods, Industrial and Oil and Gas. Market activity: In today’s trade, total volume increased by 42% while total value declined by 22% respectively, […]

Angola: The Destination of Choice for Investors

AOG 2022 International Conference Director Miguel Artacho shares insight into the outcomes of the 2022 conference, what delegates can expect from this year’s edition and why Angola represents the destination of choice for investors in 2023 and beyond May 22, 2023/Energy Capital & Power The Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) […]

Nigerian Equities Starts Week Sour -0.1% Dragged by NB, STANBIC

March 20, 2023/Cordros Report EQUITIES The domestic equities market resumed the week’s trading on a sour note, as profit-taking activities in STANBIC (-8.5%) and NB (-3.1%) undermined market performance. As a result, the All-Share Index declined by 0.1% to 54,886.04 points, with the Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date returns settling at -1.6% […]