Oil Ends Week On Bullish Note As Outages Persist

September 17, 2021/OilPrice.com Hurricane Ida is now officially the most devastating hurricane ever in terms of oil production disruption, and experts expect the outages to last throughout the month of September Friday, September 17, 2021  The US Gulf of Mexico is gradually bringing back disrupted production – as of today […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Housing; Can NMRC Bridge the Gap?

September 17, 2021/CSL Research Like many other sectors, Nigeria’s real estate sector has been severely affected by the advent of the global Covid–19 pandemic. In recent years, there has been a strong squeeze in consumers’ purchasing power, resulting in low effective demand for housing. Added to this, the high cost […]

To Safeguard Global Financial Stability, Boost the Resilience of Investment Funds

September 17, 2021/IMFBlog By Tobias Adrian, Antonio Garcia Pascual, Ranjit Singh, and Jay Surti Investment funds were hit hard by the pandemic; their response amplified its adverse impact on financial markets and capital flows. Our brush last year with one of the biggest economic shocks of our lifetimes revealed some […]