Coronavirus: Africa Braces for the Economic Impact of China Slump

Culled—Proshare February 28, 2020 By Eric Olander of The Africa Report  How will African economies weather the impact of the coronavirus? ‘Buckle up’ says Jeremy Stevens, the Chief China Economist at Standard Bank in Beijing. In the latest edition of Stevens’s regular Inside China newsletter that he sends to clients […]

Currency markets in Africa: Ghana now the star of the region

  February 28, 2020/United Capital Report Analysis of Pan African foreign exchange condition showed that the performance was mixed in 2019. Over the review period, local currencies in Egypt (+11.7%), Tunisia (+7.7%), South Africa (+2.4%) and Kenya (+0.4%) strengthened, against the US dollar, thanks increased Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) inflows. […]

The Declining Fortunes of the Young

February 27, 2020/IMFBlog By Era Dabla-Norris , Carlo Pizzinelli, and Jay Rappaport Will I do as well as my parents? A positive answer to this question once seemed a foregone conclusion; now, for recent generations, less so. Despite being more educated than their parents, millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—may […]