A New beginning for Nigeria

June 1, 2023/CSL Research It’s no longer news that Nigeria has a new sheriff in town. The new president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) has succeeded Muhammadu Buhari who left office after completing his two four-year terms. President Tinubu won Nigeria’s presidential election in February on the platform of […]

The Markets in Review: The President and the Equity Market – Coronation Research

May 31, 2023/Coronation Research President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inaugural address was given yesterday, and it sparked the equity market’s imagination, with a rally of 5.23% today. The announcement of key market reforms, including phasing out fuel subsidies and unifying foreign exchange rates, shows that pro-market policies were not just items […]

How Falling Home Prices Could Strain Financial Markets as Interest Rates Rise

(Credit: travellaggio/iStock by Getty Images) May 31, 2023/IMFBlog By Nina Biljanovska The pandemic propelled housing prices to record levels in many countries, especially advanced economies, amid low interest rates and tight property supplies. Then prices started falling late last year in many countries, while others saw the pace of gains […]