Over-the-Counter Beat

NASD Officially Joins the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Culled—Proshare 19/10/2018/NASD Plc NASD Plc was inducted into full membership of the 2nd oldest chamber of commerce in Africa. In joining the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), NASD brings its services as an Over the Counter (OTC) Securities Exchange for public unlisted companies. More critical for the community of […]

NASD OTC Exchange Records Outstanding Performance in Q3 2018

Culled—Proshare 5/10/2018/NASD Plc NASD OTC’s Record Breaking Quarter – Q3, 2018 Amidst a flurry of political activities and the much discussed economic malaise within Nigeria, the NASD [OTC] Securities Exchange has experienced an outstanding Q3 performance in the year 2018 compared to previous years. Total market capitalization and USI for […]