Q & A Session

African Banks and Fair Policies Key To Solving Increasing Investment Gap – AEICORP

In an exclusive interview with the African Energy Chamber, AEICORP’s Zakaria Dosso said African banks and fair legal frameworks will enable Africa to boost its oil and gas market. Image Credit: AEC June 6, 2022/AEC With investments across Africa’s hydrocarbon sector decreasing due to global climate policies, calls for Africa […]

Good Corporate Governance Practices Make Businesses Sustainable – Sulaiman

May 10, 2022/Mediacraft The Chairman, Absa Nigeria, Adedotun Sulaiman, speaks on his career growth, transformative contributions to the enterprises and the public sector as well as Absa operations in Nigeria in this interview Congratulations on your 70th birthday; how does it feel to be 70? Honestly for me, it feels good […]

Equatorial Guinea Targets Large-Scale Industry Growth

Equatorial Guinea and the DRC’s Hydrocarbon Ministers provided insight into their respective energy markets during a roundtable interview hosted by the African Energy Chamber. Image Credit: AEC May 5, 2022/AEC In pursuit of becoming a regional Gas Mega Hub, Equatorial Guinea has emerged as a highly competitive oil and gas […]