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Private Sector Crucial for Critical Mineral Advancement, Says IBC Consultancy

Increased private sector participation across Africa’s critical minerals and energy sectors is crucial for the continent to move its economies forward, says Haddison Etchou at IBC Consultancy April 18, 2023/Energy Capital & Power Energy Capital & Power spoke with Haddison Etchou, Corporate Finance & Tax Professional at IBC Consultancy, during […]

Angola: The Destination of Choice for Investors

AOG 2022 International Conference Director Miguel Artacho shares insight into the outcomes of the 2022 conference, what delegates can expect from this year’s edition and why Angola represents the destination of choice for investors in 2023 and beyond May 22, 2023/Energy Capital & Power The Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) […]

Securing Data Smartly – 2023 Predictions

Organisations must ensure data is secured when employees leave the business, and that it has not been transferred onto personal devices January 19, 2023/CCNA By Quentyn Taylor, Senior Director of Information Security and Global Response at Canon EMEA  How will GDPR regulations present new challenges for cyber security teams?   GDPR […]