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Securing Data Smartly – 2023 Predictions

Organisations must ensure data is secured when employees leave the business, and that it has not been transferred onto personal devices January 19, 2023/CCNA By Quentyn Taylor, Senior Director of Information Security and Global Response at Canon EMEA  How will GDPR regulations present new challenges for cyber security teams?   GDPR […]

Costa Rica to Tackle Climate Change with New Resilience and Sustainability Facility

Photo credit: Esdelval/Getty Images IMF COUNTRY FOCUS November 15, 2022/IMF Costa Rica has been a pioneer in greening its economy, and its efforts to fight climate change and restore ecosystems have earned the country international recognition. But climate change continues to pose important risks, most acutely through natural disasters. Costa […]

Ugandan Climate Activists Fight Deforestation by Planting

Enjer Ashraf/Ismael Tamale November 10, 2022/IMF IMF COUNTRY FOCUS How to finance renewable energy may be the dominant question in global public policy discussions of climate change. But at a very local level, two Ugandan activists are making the case that when communities get involved, climate adaptation doesn’t have to cost much. […]