Jack Ma: The Three Es of Digital Development

October 12, 2018/Alizila Tom Brennan Alibaba Group’s mission to make it easy to business anywhere has provided small businesses in China with the country’s most efficient path to profits, but is that model exportable to countries in Africa and South Asia for their own digital development? The question was posed […]

The Wealth of Nations: Governments Can Better Manage What They Own and Owe

October 10/2018/IMF By Vitor Gaspar, Jason Harris, and Alexander Tieman What is the state of your personal finances? You probably think first about your debts: your mortgage, your credit card balance, and your student loans. But you probably also think about how much cash is sitting in the bank, the […]

A Decade After the Global Financial Crisis: Are We Safer?

October 2018/IMF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the 10 years since the global financial crisis, regulatory frameworks have been enhanced and the banking system has become stronger, but new vulnerabilities have emerged, and the resilience of the global financial system has yet to be tested. Since the last Global Financial Stability Report […]